When looking at a map, what do you see? What seems like one image on the surface, contains layers and layers of information about geography, administration, natural resources as well as navigation. We call them HERE Data Layers. The layers include useful information in modelling road networks such as speed limits, sign boards and enables use cases such as point-to-point routing, turn-by-turn navigation, advanced navigation for cars and trucks, business intelligence, planning and optimization, and much more.

Focus Areas

We invite developers to build software solutions using HERE Data Layers and HERE Location Services that help the public, local communities and businesses to overcome challenges from health and social care to education and infrastructure. 

This hackathon provides a platform where developers can ideate, experiment and create software solutions to help address issues in urban life, planning and development by using map and location data. Feel empowered to get creative!

What is HERE Data Layers?

HERE Data Layers is map data. This map data is available for nearly seventy cities around the world including 10 data layers and over 500 different attributes per city. The map data is provided as GeoJSON format layers which can be used individually or combined for multiple use cases ranging from map display, spatial analytics, business intelligence and machine learning.


  • Individuals who have reached the age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence at the time of entry (most countries set the age of majority at 18 including the US, UK, Germany)
  • Teams of Eligible Individuals
  • Organizations
    (See full eligibility requirements in section 3 of the rules)


 What to Create: Use HERE Location Services to develop a software solution that helps people, local communities, and businesses to overcome challenges from health and social care to education and infrastructure. 

  • Submission Checklist:
    • Access. Include a link to your solution code on GitHub, or another code repository sharing service.
    • Demo Video. Create a video that includes footage that clearly explains your solution’s features and functionality through a comprehensive demonstration.
    • Sign Up. Sign up for the HERE Freemium account via this link.
      (See full submission requirements in section 4 of the rules)

Hackathon Sponsors


$8,500 in prizes

First Place

$5,000 USD

Second Place

$2,500 USD

Third Place

$1,000 USD

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Sayna Parsi

Sayna Parsi
Developer Evangelist / HERE Technologies

Raymond Camden

Raymond Camden
Lead Developer Evangelist / HERE Technologies

Shruti Kuber

Shruti Kuber
Senior Developer Evangelist / HERE Technologies

Eric van Rooij

Eric van Rooij
Product Portfolio Manager / HERE Technologies

Ashutosh Badwe

Ashutosh Badwe
Product Manager / HERE Technologies

Judging Criteria

  • Impact
    Reachability of solution among communities and its impact in different sectors (like businesses, organizations, communities, etc.)
  • Technical intricacy
    Sophistication of the software, state of the art use of technology stack.
  • Novelty
    Uniqueness of idea/solution.

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